A student’s guide to X-Pulse

Photo courtesy of goxavier.com | The X-Pulse program gives students the chance to win prizes and more.

X-Pulse is back this year with great new prizes and a chance at priority for top games such as the Crosstown Shootout and the Big East Tournament.

So, what are X-Pulse points? At every sporting event, Xavier students can open the X-Pulse app on their phones and “check in.” You need to be as close as possible to the event in order to check in.

Once you check in, you start to accumulate points. Different games are worth different amounts of points. Men’s basketball games are worth 10 points, while every other sporting event is worth 15. Sometimes there are non-game events that are also worth points, so students should keep an eye on the X-Pulse app to see what events have points available.

Not only do these points accumulate and can be redeemed for prizes, but they also determine your ranking in the student body. This ranking determines your priority for the most popular games, with those in the top 500 guaranteed tickets. Last year, it was the Villanova game. This year, X-Pulse points will determine the ticket priority for the Dec. 2 Crosstown Shootout game against the University of Cincinnati, the Big East Tournament and one other men’s home game yet to be finalized.

If you can’t wait for those games, there are plenty of cool prizes to earn in the meantime. For those with little patience, with 25 points you can choose either an “X” car magnet, an “X” keychain or a plastic Xavier license plate frame. For those who enjoy watching the games and have a little more patience, for 100 and 150 points you can pick up a poster of Cintas and a Xavier mini basketball. For 200 points, there are several bobbleheads available to choose from. The top three prizes are worth their point amounts. For 400 points, you can use the t-shirt gun at a men’s basketball home game or you can get expedited registration for the Big East Tournament. The grand prize for 1,000 points is a Jersey signed by Chris Mack.

There are plenty of uses for X-Points for everyone, so go out and support the Musketeers whenever you can. There are many prizes and rewards for being a loyal Xavier fan throughout the year.

By: Jack Dunn ~Staff Writer~