Xavier AD takes new role at NCAA

Greg Christopher named new head of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions

Photo courtesy of indystar.com | Greg Christopher will remain the Xavier Athletic Director while he serves as the new head of the Committee on Infractions. One of the committee’s main jobs is to decide the severity of penalties in infraction cases.

Xavier Athletic Director Greg Christopher was named the head of the NCAA Committee on Infractions (COI) last month.

On Sept. 19, the NCAA anounced that Christopher, who has served as a member on the committee since 2012, would become the new head of the committee.

According to the NCAA, the COI is an independent administrative body tasked with matters such as conducting hearings, giving appropriate penalties and tracking institutions on probation.

In his new role, he ensures that the committee’s mission remains the same. In an interview with the Newswire he said, “my role is to simply make sure the trains run on time at a couple of committee-wide meetings each year.”

Christopher doesn’t point to any specific infraction trends happening in college athletics right now, but said that “violations that occur during the recruiting process” seem to be most prevalent. He also said that “academic fraud issues are another hot button subject.”

Christopher points to the vast diversity that the committee has and believes that this plays a key role in the success of the group.

“COI is the most diverse and thoughtful group that I’ve been a part of. The committee is a fascinating blend of people—college presidents, faculty, coaches, other AD’s and outside members with legal experience,” Christopher said.

He noted the committee’s diversity is a “mix (that) leads to robust deliberations and diverse opinions.”

As the new head of the committee, Christopher sees “no specific changes—my role is to keep things moving forward.”

Christopher assumed the role of athletic director at Xavier in 2013 after serving as the athletic director at Bowling Green State University in the six years prior. Christopher commented on his experiences at both schools, saying that “My job is essentially the same: The primary focuses for any AD are long-range planning, fundraising and working with our student-athletes, coaches and staff.”

Xavier entered the Big East Conference in Christopher’s first full year as athletic director. Since then, Xavier has seen success from its athletic department, most notably from two baseball conference championships in 2014 and 2016, two Sweet Sixteen (2015, 2017) and an Elite Eight (2017) appearance in men’s basketball.

Christopher remains optimistic about the future of Xavier athletics and attributes the successes of the athletic programs as a result of a true team effort.

“Xavier is a great place with terrific people,” Christopher said. “The entire campus is involved in athletics. Ranging from faculty mentors to the development team, we couldn’t do what we do with the 18 sports without all of Xavier’s assistance.”

By: Luke Feliciano ~Sports Editor~