Police Notes & Week in Review – 10/18/2017

Photo courtesy of McDonald’s | Limited edition packets of Szechuan sauce are fetching hefty prices.

Police Notes

Oct. 10, 11:19 a.m. – A student observed jumping onto air conditioning units with roller blades was referred to the code of conduct process.

Oct. 13, 2:30 p.m. – A student reported damage to his or her car which was parked in the R-2 Lot. The damage had occurred within the past three days.

Oct. 16, 1:09 p.m. – Xavier Police, Cincinnati Fire and Physical Plant responded to the Conaton Learning Commons for a fire alarm. Investigation revealed a smoke detector in a 4th floor custodial closet was set off for unknown reasons. The system was reset.

Oct. 16, 3:16 p.m. – Xavier Police assisted Residence Life with a search in Kuhlman Hall after a report of a male subject between 40 and 50 years of age telling RAs he was from the FBI and looking for “bugs.” The area was checked, but they were unable to locate the subject.

Week in Review

  • A Michigan woman traded a limited edition one ounce packet of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce for a 2004 Volkswagon GTI. The sauce was part of a limited release after being featured in an episode of Adult Swim’s hit show, Rick and Morty (Oct. 11).
  • After a unanimous vote from the board of directors, girls will be allowed to join the Boy Scouts of America as Cub Scouts, starting next year. In 2019, a program for older girls will be available, giving them the chance to become Eagle Scouts (Oct. 11).
  • Only two Adelie penguin chicks have survived the breeding season for the species. There are about 36,000 total Adelie penguins living in a colony in the east Antarctic, and this season is the second bad season in the past five years, after there were zero surviving chicks in 2015 (Oct. 13).
  • A Florida man received a payment of $37,500 after he was arrested in 2015 when police thought that donut glaze on the floorboard of his car was crystal meth and roadside drug tests gave false positive results (Oct. 15).
  • A British man ran away from his wife of three years and lived in the woods for ten years after being “fed up with her because we used to get (in) so many arguments.” The man has since returned to living in an urban environment (Oct. 16).