France enacts cellphone ban

Smartphones, tablets, other devices affected

Photo courtesy of Patrick Hertzog/Getty Images | France enacted a ban on cell phone usage in elementary schools. The ban fulfills a campaign promise of French President Emmanuel Macron.  

In France, September marked the beginning of the school year and the end of cell phone use in elementary schools.

On July 30th the country passed a law that banned smartphones and other internet-connected devices such as tablets and iPads during the school day.

“It’s a bad idea “first-year and middle childhood education major Megan Murphy said Kids should be learning how to balance school and phone use now because in the real world, you have your phone with you at all times.”

President Emmanuel Macron fulfilled a campaign promise by passing the ban.

The law was passed to prevent addictive habits and regain control of the classroom.
Smartphones were already banned in classrooms under a law implemented in 2010.

However, under the new law, devices are banned everywhere within school boundaries including playgrounds and cafeterias.

Exceptions to this law have been made for disabled students, extracurricular activities and educational use.

School children ages 3 to 15 must leave their smartphones and tablets at home or turn them off and stow them away for the duration of the school day.

How the law is enforced will be determined by individual schools.

High schools were granted the option of implementing the ban, but few are choosing to do so.

By: Emilie Kracik | Guest Writer