Summer in Review: A collection of oddities pt. 2

There were so many cool things summer that one collection wasn’t good enough, so here’s more!

A Texas woman was filmed licking a half-gallon of ice cream before putting the container back in the freezer at a local Walmart. Nicknamed the “Lufkin Licker,” she now faces a felony charge of tampering with a consumer product (June 28).

A sunbather in London was nearly killed when a corpse suddenly fell from the sky, landing only a few feet away from him. The body was a stowaway who had fallen from a plane whilst its landing gear was engaged. The impact created a crater in the sidewalk and shook neighbors’ homes (July 3).

A life-size wooden statue of Melania Trump erected in her home country of Slovenia has drawn some criticism for bearing little resemblance to the United States First Lady. “It’s a Smurfette,” one resident said (July 6).

A man was taken into custody by Missouri police after passing gas so loudly that he revealed his hiding spot. The city of Liberty, Mo., tweeted its gratitude to the police for “airing out a wanted person’s dirty laundry and fanning the flames.” (July 10).

Tennessee police warned against flushing drugs down the toilet for fear of animals “all hyped up on meth.” Specifically, police cited the possibility for “meth gators,” should the drugs end up far enough downstream. Authorities later had to clarify their comments, stating that there was no such thing as “meth gators,” at least at this point in time (July 15).

A man is suing Home Depot after he said a toilet fell on him, causing significant damage to his shoulder. The suit claims that the man was standing in front of a stack of toilets when one of the boxes collapsed, causing a toilet to hit him (July 20).

A Florida man reported his pistol missing after a three-day sex party. Because the participants wore masks, police admitted it’s unlikely they’ll be able to finger a suspect

The Ohio State Festival commemorated the 50th anniversary of the moon landing with butter sculptures. The display included life-size replicas of the crew and the Apollo 11 logo (July 24).

A professional surfer in Florida decided to head to the bar instead of the hospital after getting bit by a shark. “He was like, ‘Hey, I got bit by a shark,’ and people were like, ‘I’ll buy you drinks,’” the surfer’s friend said (July 29).

A man in Idaho set his third Guinness World Record by stacking 30 bars of wet soap in one minute. The man also holds records for stuffing blueberries in his mouth and balancing a running lawn mower on his chin (July 29).

A boy in India who complained of jaw pain was found to have no fewer than 526 teeth in his mouth. Doctors removed the extra teeth and expect the boy to make a full recovery (Aug. 1).

Hedgehogs are keeping Germans up during the night with their loud, hours-long mating rituals. In one case, emergency workers responded to disturbances at a grade school playground, only to discover that the noises came from one such ritual (Aug. 5).

Eight days after surgery, x-rays revealed a British man’s dentures were stuck in his throat, having fallen out during the administration of anesthesia. Another surgery removed the dentures, and the man made a full recovery (Aug. 13).