Week in review – no police notes edition

Class ring, name changes, opera preferences, swarms of bees, “Phallic Male,” AI and Twitter help

–A high school class ring belonging to the late husband of a Maine woman was found under 8 inches of soil in a forest in Finland 47 years after it was first lost (Feb. 16).

A class ring that was lost in Maine was found in Finland years later.

–A Pennsylvania art museum discovered that a painting they believed to be a Rembrandt knockoff was actually painted by Rembrandt himself (Feb. 17).

–Ohio hip-hop stars Bone Thugs-N-Harmony have officially changed their name to Boneless Thugs-N-Harmony in order to promote Buffalo Wild Wings’ boneless wings (Feb. 19)

–A minister in Indonesia has called for the rich to marry the poor in order to diminish the national poverty rate (Feb. 20).

–A Swedish ad campaign found in a new poll that children prefer watching an entire opera to eating one piece of broccoli (Feb. 20).

–A Swiss court found that Jägermister’s logo, a stag and cross, is not offensive to Christians. The brand is now permitted to use it on a variety of products, including cosmetics and mobile phones (Feb. 20).

–Two thieves broke into a Florida medical marijuana dispensary at exactly 4:20 a.m. (Feb. 21).

–Vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix is producing a new documentary about pig sentience as a form of animal rights activism (Feb. 21).

–Firefighters responding to a report of a bee sting in Pasadena, Cali. were attacked by a swarm of 40,000 hostile bees. Firefighters responded by spraying the bees with fire extinguishers and carbon dioxide (Feb. 21).

–Tempe, Ariz., have announced that the “Penis Man” vandal did not work alone, and that many other “Penis Men” may still be at large (Feb. 21).

–Actor Mark Hamill tweeted a request to President Donald Trump to pardon the infamously bad Star Wars Holiday Special (Feb. 21).

–The Defense Department has promised to only use artificial intelligence (AI) for good, according to the Military Times. “We owe it to the American people and our men and women in uniform to adopt AI principles that reflect our nation’s values,” Lt. Gen. Jack Shananah, head of the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, said. “This runs in stark contrast to Russia and China, who use AI tech for military purposes” (Feb. 25).

Billionaire Warren Buffet has finally switched from a flip phone.

–Billionaire Apple investor Warren Buffet has traded in his $20 flip phone for a newer iPhone 11. It is unclear if Apple CEO Tim Cook had flown to Omaha, Nebr. to help him set it up as he had previously offered sometime last year (Feb. 24).

–Homeland Security Acting Deputy Secretary Cuccinelli asked Twitter for help accessing a Johns Hopkins map on the spread of nCov. “Has the Johns Hopkins map of the coronavirus stopped working for other people, or just me?” Cuccilnelli tweeted. Cuccilnelli is leading the Trump Administration’s response to nCov (Feb. 25).