NFL Draft Grades: Who had the best living room?

For as elite as former Louisiana State and current Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow is on the football field, he’s equally impressive at interior design as his classic living room earned high marks that were topped by his former teammate

Interior design is important. It’s what makes a house a home. 

As the members of this year’s draft class start to make the big bucks, they are going to need to pay attention.

You never know when you’re going to get an ESPN feature and you don’t want to be caught off guard. 

These grades are going to show who needs to take inspiration from their parents, who needs to hire on some decor help as well as who needs to move their family to a new house.

Joe Burrow: A

Joe’s burrow gives off a warm, homey feel that is almost as classic as the video of him smoking a cigar after winning the national championship game. 

The recliners anchor the room, contrasting well with the lighter vanilla walls and the elegant, but not overstated, curtains holding their place over the windows.

The accent pieces are also top-notch. The lamp and the coffee table fit in the room like a glove, adding to the atmosphere. The flower vase with roses is the cherry on top that wraps the room together. I can imagine watching an old western movie while lounging in those recliners.

Justin Jefferson: A+

Not only does Louisiana State University have an elite championship pedigree, but they also know their interior design. Justin Jefferson easily takes the award for the best backdrop of the draft.

The Jeffersons’ residence balances on the thin line between modern and cozy. The reclining sectional is the star of the show as it plays well with the fuzzy rug and white and red walls. 

The painting on the wall adds a splash of personality and brightness, helping to round out the room. It seems like a place I would like to spend a lazy Sunday in, just to lounge around.

Jeff Okudah: B+

While many experts say that the Lions should have picked Derrick Brown out of Auburn, the Lions made the right choice from an interior design perspective. The Okudah household knows how to decorate, and their home fits perfectly into the aesthetic of Grand Prairie, Texas.

It’s a classic Texas kitchen. The rust-orange, clay-esque paint always presents a risk of being hokey,but is pulled off. The brown cabinets and the black couch keep the colors warm and inviting. 

The biggest question is whether or not Okudah’s Texas design background will translate to the colder-Detroit area. However, he attended Ohio State, so this transition to the midwest should not be a problem.

Jedrick Wills: D-

Despite being very good at “defending this house,” it’s not clear if it is one worth guarding. I’m not talking about First Energy Stadium (home of the Cleveland Browns). I’m talking about this man’s living room.

The yellow curtains are a nonstarter for me, and the yellow accented carpet and the darker yellow walls don’t do it any favors. 

The black couch sticks out like a sore thumb. The plant in the pot tucked away in the corner is weak and serves only to add to the sad feeling the room gives off. I guess it makes sense he ended up with the Browns.

Overall, the room is somehow too boring and too jarring at the same time.