The Lighter Side

Hulk smash, hen party, otter-ly adorable, Bowser crime, lewd ads

Fast food chain Burger King has started a petition to give their Master Angus burger a Michelin star. Michelin Guide, the group responsible for awarding culinary excellence, has said that they’ll try the burger and judge it by their typical criteria (Oct. 1). 

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Burger King thinks that its “Master Angus” burger deserves an award.

President Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was defaced again, this time by an unknown individual wearing a Hulk costume and wielding a pickaxe (Oct. 2). 

Two members of an international piracy enterprise, led by a man named Gary Bowser, were charged with fraud. Bowser was charged with fraud and pirating Nintendo Switch hacks (Oct. 2). 

An Irish vegetarian rented out a party bus and filled it with heisted hens who were days from being slaughtered. To date, she has rescued over 1,000 hens from slaughterhouses with the bus (Oct. 2). 

A North Carolina man was caught trying to steal over six million dollars in government loans by creating fake companies and naming them after Game of Thrones characters. The false businesses included White Walker, Khaleesi and The Night’s Watch (Oct. 3). 

A seed company had its ad removed from Facebook after the media company told managers that their ad imagery was “overtly sexual.” The ad featured a photo of several onions (Oct. 5). 

The Yakuza crime syndicate will no longer be allowed to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters this Halloween (Oct. 5). 

Note of the Week:

An animal sanctuary in England made a dating profile for Harris, a 10-year-old Asian short-clawed otter, after his long-time partner passed away — and it worked. 
“I am very attentive, I love a cuddle and I am a very good listener. I will love you like no otter,” the profile’s bio said of Harris. Sanctuary staff also added that he was looking for true love, not a fling; he wanted a new “significant otter.”
Animal sanctuary employees were then contacted by a different sea life sanctuary that informed Harris’ caretakers that it was interested in setting him up with their single otter, Pumpkin. The pair are planning to meet for a swim later this week (Oct. 4).

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A English animal sanctuary found love for its short-clawed otter, online.