The Lighter Side

Respecting women, sexy snakes, undies

The Taliban has asked women to stay home because fighters have not yet been trained to respect women (Aug. 24).

The nude infant pictured on Nirvana’s hit album Nevermind is suing Kurt Cobain’s estate, alleging that he was four months old at the time the photograph was taken and could not consent to his photo’s usage (Aug. 24). 

Lil Nas X has been named “Chief Impact Officer” at Taco Bell (Aug. 24).

The Attorney General of Texas, Ken Paxton, was investigated and cleared by his own office of wrongdoing in bribery allegations (Aug. 24).

Lovin’ it: two couples got married at a McDonalds drive-through in Cambridge, Canada (Aug. 24). 

In a win for creative students everywhere, schools in Seoul, Korea have removed restrictions on the color of students’ underwear. Now, students can wear non-white undies without breaking the dress code (Aug. 24). 

A group of kids near Salem have led a movement to pardon a woman convicted of witchcraft during the 17th-century Salem trials (Aug. 24). 

Venemous sea snakes have attempted to have sex with divers. The snakes mistake divers for potential mates and rivals, alternating between attacks and attempted seduction (Aug. 25)