The Lighter Side

Compassionate Kim, crowded Cane’s, Doge

  • Capybarrage: A neighborhood in Argentina has been overrun by capybaras (Oct. 5).
  • Woefully understaffed fast food restaurant Raising Cane’s has put its corporate staff to work as fry cooks and cashiers (Oct. 6).
  • Truly shark-ing: Police in Sussex, England found a shark-infested pool with a Christmas tree in the middle (Oct. 11). 
  • Two women in Sydney, Australia were imprisoned for over five months after their shipment of ginger tea was mistaken for drugs (Aug. 10).
  • Wow, such crypto: AMC theaters have begun to accept Dogecoin as currency for digital gift card purchases (Oct. 6).
Newswire photo by Sophie Boulter
Dogecoin is accepted at AMC theaters for digital gift card purchases.