Ranking the top-five mascots across the Big East

By joe Clark, Sports editor

The Big East is known for having some iconic/scary mascots throughout its tenure. On a strictly personal level, I wanted to rank my favorites. It was a difficult task, but here are my five favorite Big East mascots.

5. Creighton

I like the Bluejay. It’s simple, has a nice color scheme and it’s everything that a mascot should be. Just fun enough, and just scary enough to succeed.

4. Seton Hall

The Pirate looks like a fun guy to have a drink or two with at some dive bar in South Orange, so for that reason, he makes the list. 

3. St. John’s

St. John’s mascot’s name is Johnny Thunderbird, which might be the coolest name I’ve ever heard. Johnny Thunderbird is definitely the nickname of some guy with slicked back hair who drives his Harley to school everyday in a bad 80’s movie. 

The iconic image of Johnny Thunderbird sitting sadly in Madison Square Garden after the Big East Tournament was canceled in 2020 perfectly encapsulated my feelings at the time, so I have a bit of a soft spot for him. I might just start a Johnny Thunderbird fan club.

2. Providence

I unironically love Friar Dom. I can’t believe it crossed anyone’s mind at some point in time to go: “You know, a Dominican Friar with no eyebrows and dead, lifeless eyes is the perfect mascot to attract young fans!” Somehow, the current iteration of Friar Dom isn’t that scary compared to some of his predecessors, but if I saw that guy in a nightmare, I’d run the other way as fast as I could. 

If you look up Friar Dom, numerous articles exist about just how terrifying he is. I feel bad for him. He probably has a good heart. He is a priest, after all, and he is vilified just for his lack of eyebrows and emotionless face. Friar Dom, I love you.

1. Xavier

Two of the best mascots in the Big East, Friar Dom and D’Artagnan from Providence and Xavier. Both of them will make you laugh and cry.

I’m writing this article in Newswire, I’m obviously going to rank Xavier No. 1. I’m more partial to the Blue Blob than D’Artagnan, but I’m sticking with primary mascots for this ranking, so for that sake, let’s break down D’Artagnan. 

For starters, his name is incredibly hard to say if you haven’t read The Three Musketeers and try to pronounce it phonetically (trust me, I know from experience.) But he also has a sick mustache that must have taken a lot of time and effort to grow out, and he wears a really cool hat.

If I’m going to battle with any of these mascots, D’Artagnan is who I want by my side because he’s literally always packing heat. There’s no other reason for him to have boots that are so comically large. 

In conclusion, he just exudes cool. D’Artagnan is the man, and he is definitely the coolest mascot in the Big East.