Looking ahead to the 2023-24 recruiting class

By Marty Dubecky, Digital Communications Manager

With a strong start to the 2022-23 Xavier men’s basketball season, it is already time to look ahead to next year with the 2023-24 recruiting class.

Xavier currently ranks 14 for their recruiting class. The recruits include Trey Green, Dailyn Swain, Reid Ducharme and recent addition Kachi Nzeh. On paper so far, the 2023 24 Xavier’s recruiting class stands as one of the best in Xavier History, boasting three four-star recruits and a three star.

Trey Green

Coming from Prolific Prep out of Napa, CA, Trey Green is one of Xavier’s best recruits. He is a four-star point guard standing at 5’ 10” and weighing around 155 pounds. Green picked Xavier over LCU, VCU and Virginia amongst other big-name schools. Xavier’s fast paced play and the Big East guard culture makes Green one of the best recruits of the 2023 class.

Dailyn Swan

Ohio native Dailyn Swain is a 6’7”, 185 pound small forward. He is another one of Xavier’s four-star recruits (with Green and Ducharme). From Africentric Early College, Swain decided on Xavier among Ohio State, Arizona State, Clemson and Arkansas. His size and versatility on the court makes him another dominant recruit.

Reid Ducharme

Brewster Academy shot maker Reid Ducharme is a 6’ 6”, 180-pound shooting guard. He is Xavier’s third 4-star recruit. He chose the musketeers over Syracuse and Penn State. He is a solid player on the court and is skilled in creating shots. His size is great for his position, and he has a high defensive IQ.

Kachi Nzeh

Kachi Nzeh rounds out the strong, four man recruiting class. He is a strong big man at 6’ 9” and weighing around 220 pounds. Nzeh is the most recent Xavier recruit. Coming from George School in Pennsylvania, Kachi chose the Musketeers over VCU, Saint Louis and Iowa.