Human Library challenges preconceptions

By Joseph Nichols, Staff Writer As the snowflakes fell in droves outside, I sat perched on my chair, eagerly awaiting the story I was going to hear. A drag queen donning a glimmering rainbow dress and a wig that resembled the likes of Marie Antoinette sat before me. The Human Library was founded in Denmark by author Ronnie Abergel, and its mission “aims to address people’s prejudices by helping them to talk to those they would not normally meet… The organization uses a library analogy of lending people rather than books.” The Human Library has since expanded across 85 countries … Continue reading Human Library challenges preconceptions

Her Loss is dismal disappointment

By Gus Nations IV, Staff Writer By now, I look forward to the memes that accompany a new Drake release more than the album itself.  Let’s take a very brief retrospective look down the timeline and reminisce on some of the internet’s best work: 2021’s Certified Lover Boy (CLB): There’s something about filling a certain male contraceptive with hot sauce (I’m not going to go into more detail, but you know what I mean). He also literally had a heart-shaped haircut. 2022’s Honestly, Nevermind: In the interim between CLB and Nevermind, Drake somehow became a Looney Tunes character. Most recently, … Continue reading Her Loss is dismal disappointment