High hopes for this year’s theater

One of the best performances I’ve ever seen was a production of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, which took place in a shady grove inside a public park in St. Louis when I was 17. There were no real seats, just divisions of where people could and could not sit. Throughout the performance, the actors wandered … Continue reading High hopes for this year’s theater

Portal 2 offers gamers a fun and enjoyable play

There were a lot of video games that came out over 10 years ago that are widely considered instant classics. But I was­— like most of us— either not capable of buying them, couldn’t afford them or just didn’t have something to play them on. This year, I’d like to change that. There are so … Continue reading Portal 2 offers gamers a fun and enjoyable play

Stranger Things Excites Audiences

Warning: May contain minor spoilers On July 4, the latest installment of the Stranger Things series was released. Fans of the show were excited to see their favorite characters again, especially after a second season that left many underwhelmed. This time, though, the cast and crew brought their A-game. While the last two seasons seemed … Continue reading Stranger Things Excites Audiences