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2015-16 remembers and celebrates music artists

By: Hannah Sgambellone ~Staff Writer~ Since the deaths of seemingly immortal stars like David Bowie, Scott Weiland and Prince, many have commiserated 2016 as the year that rock and roll died. The loss of these stars is certainly a staggering blow to the artistic community. In light of these deaths, music has continued to move forward, … Continue reading

Independents and blockbusters reap year’s success

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~ Going to the movies: an experience that can be anything from the benchmark of a budding relationship to a meaningless two hours of escapism. Whatever the motive may be for attending the cinema, there’s nothing like an enlightening retrospective to remind us all of our repressed memories of that guy who … Continue reading

Xavier’s ‘Rent’ sends off graduating seniors

By: Zenab Saeed ~Staff Writer~ Xavier Theatre will present a production of the musical “Rent” from April 21-24. The show, loosely based on the opera “La Bohème” by Italian composer Giacomo Puccini, tells the multifaceted story of young artists living in New York City and the challenges and struggles they face. “Rent” first hit Broadway in … Continue reading

Blizzard’s ‘Overwatch’ changes the game

By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~ Blizzard Entertainment is known for creating large universes with rich histories, such as their “Warcraft,” “Starcraft” and “Diablo” franchises. For these series, the core of the story is depicted in game, with books and comics focusing on supplementary storytelling. Their new game, “Overwatch,” is challenging this paradigm by telling the story … Continue reading

Xavier Singers show features ‘excellent’ duo

By: Katrina Gross ~Staff Writer~ Xavier is home to a large population of artistically gifted students who showcase their talent through various groups, clubs and organizations around campus. One such group is the Xavier Singers, which will hold its end-of-semester show featuring the talent from other Xavier-sponsored clubs and organizations. The group consists of approximately 15-20 … Continue reading

MTV Movie Awards recognizes standouts

By: Zenab Saeed ~Staff Writer~ The 25th MTV Movie Awards show began with co-hosts Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart, who will both star in the upcoming film “Central Intelligence,” entering the Warner Brothers’ lot in “Mad Max: Fury Road” style. The awards, an annual event since 1992, aired this past Sunday and was prerecorded at Warner … Continue reading

‘Batman v. Superman’ leaves fans disappointed

By: Jacob Mueller ~Staff Writer~ So far, “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” has earned a whopping $424.1 million at the box office. Moviegoers are certainly ecstatic to see the two DC legends battle it out on the bigscreen, but is the film any good? I had the pleasure of seeing it on opening night, … Continue reading

Opera workshop comes to music department

By: Jonathan Hogue ~Opinions & Editorials Editor~ The music department offered an opera workshop this semester focused on bringing new life to the art form in Cincinnati. Professors Thom Dreeze and Matthew Umphreys lead a class of seven music and nonmusic majors through several movements of Mozart’s “Così fan tutte.” The workshop culminates with a free … Continue reading

West cries over mistake at Rent-A-Car

By: Henry Eden ~Wild West Cowboy~ Enterprise Rent-A-Car middle manager Ralph Hartman was attending the desk at the time of the Kardashian’s arrival. “At first, when I saw them walking up, I was pretty excited. My girlfriend really likes their show, and its actually fairly entertaining. The episodes where Khloe and the sisters have to deal … Continue reading

Pretentious asshole picks useless fight at theater

By: Nick Bergeman ~Film Fanatic~ An altercation at a local movie theater escalated to a full-scale brawl last Friday, leaving dozens injured after a man in the ticket line referred to “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” as a “film.” The man was relentlessly beaten in the third such incident at the theater. Martin Berg, … Continue reading

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