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Music Review: Kendrick Lamar

By: Harrison Hensley ~Guest Writer~ Kendrick Lamar doesn’t think he is just one of the top five rappers right now: He thinks he is numbers one through five. His last LP, To Pimp A Butterfly, was met with praise from both the hip hop and greater music communities. With a heavy jazz-influenced production, people wondered … Continue reading

The Year in Plays

By: Kelsey Kraft ~Guest Writer~ Guest writer Kelsey Kraft ranks Xavier Theatre’s five best plays of the 2016-2017 school year. 5. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare The three-person parody of Shakespeare was incredibly entertaining. There were laughs throughout the show, but it lacked a more serious and lasting message compared to other shows. 4. … Continue reading

Top 5 Albums of 2016-2017

By: Riley Head ~Arts and Entertainment Editor~ Arts and Entertainment Editor Riley Head reviews her personal top five favorite and most influential albums of the school year so far, from the soul of Solange to the irony of Father John Misty.

Xavier Theatre prepares to go ‘Into the Woods’

By: Kevin Thomas ~Campus News Editor~ If you want to leave Xavier this weekend, but you can’t physically, you can do so easily by going to Xavier Theatre’s production of Into the Woods, which will be open from April 20-22. The show, directed by the artistic director from Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati, Lynn Meyers, will be … Continue reading

Final installment of jazz series coming to Xavier

By: Soondos Mulla-Ossman ~Staff Writer~ “I can’t believe the season just passed,” Polina Bespalko told the Newswire with a mix of emotions on Monday. The Music Series, in which accomplished musicians come to the Xavier stage to perform, is drawing to a close for the year. The final performance, as many anticipate, will go out … Continue reading

A New Paradigm Inentertainment

By: John Anthony Gills ~Guest Analyst~ DC comics is competing with Marvel and Netflix, and some could say they are running scared. That is until they partnered with Hulu for the Superdog mini-series. Everyone knows Superman had a dog, but what do we really know about him? This creative partnership hopes to explain that. The … Continue reading

‘Barney’ scores R-rated reboot

By: Andre The Giant ~Raiders Fan~ The 1992 children’s show Barney and Friends was recently greenlit for an R-rated reboot. PBS recently sold the rights to the beloved purple dinosaur to Icon Productions for $11.5 million. Barney and Friends, creator Sheryl Leach had this to say: “With all these recent reboots of popular children’s shows, … Continue reading

Xavier Theatre makes ‘Hamilton’ White again

By: Crappy Critic ~A Guy Who Likes ‘Hamilton’~  Xavier University Theatre is not throwing away its shot. I sat in my blue upholstered chair and started drifting through the program for Xavier Theatre’s production of Hamilton: An American Musical, unprepared to be thrust so violently into the world of theatre. Hamilton: An American Musical is … Continue reading

Obituary Betty White dead at 95

By: Sara Ringenbach ~Arts & Entertainment Editor~ Iconic television star and America’s sweetheart Betty White passed away on Monday at age 95. White was rushed to UCLA Medical Center early Monday morning after collapsing from congestive heart failure while on set for her TV show, Betty White’s Smartest Animals in America. Assistant to the boom … Continue reading

Hamlet revival is new national treasure

By: Danny Zuko ~Staff Greaser~ I decided to head downtown over the weekend to take in a stage performance of Hamlet, as I had never seen a Shakespeare play before. I found the show quite interesting as well as vastly different than what I had expected. The show stars a character by the name of … Continue reading