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Stop pointing fingers, third party voters are not to blame

By: Jeremiah Van Auken ~Guest Writer~ “if [sic] u voted third party bc u thought u figure[d] out something everyone else didn’t, imma need u to sit down and think about what you’ve done.” This tweet was the first thing I read after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.I had no idea … Continue reading

The importance of taking time for yourself

By: Max Bruns ~Advertising Manager~ “Could you just text me the list of dates where you have an hour or two free? I know you’re busy…” That’s how my mother ended our phone call last week, when she was trying to coordinate times to get me to the doctor. Yesterday, my boss asked me if … Continue reading

Democrats find success in local elections

By: Alex Hale ~Staff Writer~ Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning hurt for a lot of Democrats and progressively minded people. However, locally there was still a ton of good that happened for progressive voices. Rep. Denise Driehaus has been a leading Democratic voice in the Ohio State House. She has worked across the aisle with … Continue reading

Intersectional Feminism is the next step

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Photography Editor~ I wish I would stop having to explain feminism to people-to men, to women, to anyone. The concept that women deserve equal rights is not radical and is not complicated. It’s not about superiority. Using the label “equalist” or saying “I support equal rights, but I’m not a feminist” … Continue reading

What can I do as an ally?

By: Riley Head ~Copy Editor~ The recent events on campus were shocking to me. It seemed like Xavier students generally refrained from important conversations, but I thought that was when dealing with sexual assault or different political mindsets. I had no idea that the dividing issues of Xavier were as large or ran as deep … Continue reading

What makes you happy?

By: Josie Wright ~Guest Writer~ A lot of things make me happy. I love spending time with my family, listening to music and working out. Does this mean I’m happy all the time? No, it doesn’t. Everyone has good and bad days. I always like to say “if it makes you happy, then go for … Continue reading

America is unfairly a two-party system

By: Sophie Hurlock ~Guest Writer~ For a country that values freedom and the ability to choose, America has failed its voters when it comes to political choices. Americans only have two options: a Democratic or a Republican candidate. Yes, there may be other parties such as the Libertarian and Green parties that also offer up … Continue reading

An ode to the African Student Association

By: Taylor Zachary ~Columnist~ Following the now infamous “Blackface incident,” many students, staff and faculty continue to question the validity of our university’s core principles. Students, especially, question the worth of words such as “diversity,” “inclusion” and “community.” It appears we expect these words to self-actualize themselves, living out diversity, inclusion and community in rhetoric … Continue reading

Qualms with the Republican nominee

By: Kennedy Copeland ~Guest Writer~ I have been the President of Xavier College Republicans for three consecutive school years. It has become a part of my identity, a title that I used to be honored to place next to my name. The experience has led me to the most marvelous opportunities working as the Chief … Continue reading

Responses to the racist images

We asked several different Xavier students from different years, backgrounds and fields of study to respond to the events concerning the circulation of the racist images that occurred last week. These are their responses: Racism in America has dwindled, but many have become naïve to the fact that it still exists. This seems to be … Continue reading

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