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It will eventually get better

By: Abrena Rowe ~Opinions and Editorials Editor~ New year, new me. That’s a vow most people make when a new year rolls around. Whether it is the start of a new calendar year or the start of the school year, people set out to achieve new goals to better resemble the ideal version they have … Continue reading

Sexual assault and violence on campuses Holding student athletes accountable for their actions

By: Taylor Zachary ~Staff Writer~ Central to the lifelong process of growing in age and experience – a process of both learning and un-learning, defining and redefining – is the notion of integrity. In childhood, we are given a salient depiction of what it means to have integrity: integrity is who you are when no … Continue reading

Thoughts on the nuances of feelings

By: Max Bruns ~Advertisement Manager~ So much of our time is spent in a state of automatic emotional reaction. An unexpected event occurs and our day is thrown off. Our brain chemistry is defaulted to panic, or anger, or sadness and the baseline emotions dip below to a dark place. Your teacher hands back a … Continue reading

We want to see a change

By: Alex Hale It is an understatement to say that most people are sick of politics right now. The two major political candidates for the presidency have the highest unfavorable ratings in the history of modern polling, and most students who didn’t support either candidate in the primaries are left feeling ripped off in the … Continue reading

Newswire 2016-17 Staff

Edited by: Lydia Reagan ~Feature Editor~

Listen up I have a story to share

By: Brent Raines ~Sports Editor~ If you’re one of the five regular readers of the Newswire, then you know that the Op-Ed section of the last few issues each year gives seniors the opportunity to hand out life advice or whine about how much they’ll miss Xavier. Well, dear reader, I know that you don’t want … Continue reading

God works in overt ways

By: Jonathan S. Hogue ~Outgoing Opinions & Editorials Editor~ A senior editorial is a tough cookie to crack. While I love hearing myself talk, I know not everyone wants to hear one more senior discuss his or her Xavier experience because most (I hope) thank friends, encourage underclassmen to bend the rules once in a while … Continue reading

You can do more than you think you can The benefits of taking on challenges – on purpose

By: Tatum Hunter ~Outgoing Editor-in-Chief~ As a few of my Newswire peers have acknowledged, it’s difficult to write these senior-goodbye editorials without getting painfully nostalgic or dishing out condescending advice to underclassmen. While I’m not one for nostalgia, I am totally one for condescension, so I’ve decided to go with the second option. As a college … Continue reading

Meditations on the Xavier experience

By: Ayana Rowe ~Outgoing Head Copy Editor~ By now we all know the things people say about college: This is your chance to figure out who you want to be for the rest of your life. All you have to do is pick the perfect major, apply yourself in class, meet amazing people and walk across … Continue reading

Thank you to everyone that means anything

By: Jeff Ullery ~Copy Editor~ Jimmy Fallon has the right idea. College is a whirlwind. A series of nights staying up late doing homework, hours spent in the caf and memories made with people whom you will regard as your best friends. At times, it has all blurred together for me and left me breathless, either … Continue reading

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