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Senseless killings must end

By: Kaelan Doolan ~Staff Writer~ Tamir Rice was killed at the hands of the Cleveland police almost two years ago. The pain in the Black community still remains. For those who don’t know the story, Tamir Rice was a 12-year-old Black boy living in Cleveland. On Nov. 22, 2014, Rice was shot and killed by … Continue reading

Everything happens for a reason, right?

By: Josie Wright ~Guest Writer~ Why does everyone always say that everything happens for a reason? I used to think that, but now I’m not so sure. We say this to make ourselves feel better. We sometimes can’t accept the things that happen to us, but most of the time there’s no explanation for why … Continue reading

Let’s resurrect the Ignatian spirit at Xavier

By: Alex Hale ~Staff Writer~ What is the entire purpose of a Jesuit school like Xavier? Why do we attend Xavier? Is it to simply pursue a career? Is it because our parents went here? Do we simply just want that piece of paper at the end of the day that allows us to join … Continue reading

Take a look beyond your majority status

By: Maxwell Bruns ~Advertising Manager~ In my experience, the most intimidating challenge that people of minority status must overcome when they process their identities and learn different ways to express them is precisely that this formative process feels confined to them. Because they are a minority status identity, they have the challenge, almost the imposition, … Continue reading

Revenge is not the answer

By: Trever McKenzie ~Copy Editor~ We all have that person in our lives, that one person who has wronged us in a way that is unforgivable. If you don’t have this kind of person in your life, consider yourself lucky. They storm through your life and leave mayhem behind. To you, they are a tornado. … Continue reading

I’m not like other girls, I’m different

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Photography Editor~ She had sex, so she’s a slut. She wears leggings, so she’s basic. She’s your boss, so she’s a b*tch. These classifiers roll off our tongues, deliciously digging at the women we don’t like and the girls we envy. These words are more than insults that we hurl at … Continue reading

Black baseball players and the racial mountain

By: Taylor Zachary ~Columnist~ America is a nation of two sacred pastimes, racism and baseball. The former needs no introduction, but its relationship to the latter is both subtle and damning. Colin Kaepernick first protested the national anthem on Aug. 26. His dissent gained national attention, further exacerbating divisions around the question of whether Black … Continue reading

Is there still a Trump factor?

By: Riley Head ~Copy Editor~ Recently, NBC hosted a Commander-in-Chief town hall forum between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during which host Matt Lauer, veterans and active duty military members asked the two candidates about their foreign policy plans. The first question asked of Clinton was in regards to her infamous email server. Lauer spent … Continue reading

Be comfortable with yourself

By: Abrena Rowe ~Opinions and Editorials Editor~ Friendly reminder: You are under no obligation to look pretty. If you personally feel the need to dress to the nines everywhere you go, that’s completely fine. The moment you start dressing for other people because you feel like you are obligated to do so, that’s when issues … Continue reading

Response to: Sexual assault and violence on campuses

By: Dave Johnson & Greg Christopher In the Aug. 24 edition of the Newswire, Taylor Zachary wrote an op-ed article articulating his commitment to combat sexual assault on college campuses. We share his commitment. Integrity is important at Xavier. Integrity is featured prominently in the University’s vision statement, in Athletics’ mission statement and in the … Continue reading

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