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The politics and understanding of unity Why does society cling to the myth of unity?

By: Taylor Zachary ~Columnist~ “All for One and One for All.” The slogan is the hallmark of Xavier University’s identity. It decorates the homepage of our website. It is the celebratory battle cry at the climax of graduation. The words even drape from the roof of Fenwick Hall – our most central value hung from … Continue reading

The background characters in our personal movies

By: Kevin Thomas ~Copy Editor~ Over the winter break, I did quite a bit of thinking about the people whom I will probably never see again because the only conversation that I had with them was in line at the grocery store, waiting to check out. You know, the background characters in life, the extras … Continue reading

All forms of feminism matter

By: Sylvia Chemweno ~Copy Editor~ I am not an expert on feminism. I am still a student, and you can disagree or challenge my ideas. Feminism is a word that is not liked by many people, and I think many of those who don’t like feminism don’t really know its goal and purpose. People are … Continue reading

Attack on criticism and how to end it

By: Trever McKenzie ~Copy Editor~ Before Sunday, most people probably liked Meryl Streep. They probably thought she was a great actress worthy of her many, many awards. Yet, because we seem to have lost the ability to not reduce people to their political views, she has since been lambasted for criticizing President-elect Donald Trump. People … Continue reading

Have a merry secular Christmas

By: Alex Hale ~Staff Writer~ It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the time of trampling people to buy a new flat screen TV for a slightly discounted price. It’s the time of yelling at your relatives over political beliefs. It’s the time of attempting to show someone love by buying them something … Continue reading

Let’s actually take a break this time

By: Trever McKenzie ~Copy Editor~ I know everyone is probably feeling the stress of finals week at this point. We’re all in a mad scramble to get papers turned in, assignments typed and take-home exams completed (as I write this, I’m neglecting one due in two days that I haven’t even started). Who would have … Continue reading

Tomi Lahren, you have been heard

By: Maxwell Bruns ~Advertising Manager~ Tomi Lahren, in an interview with CNN Correspondents on the show Reliable Sources July 10, said to host Brian Stetler, “If you disagree with what someone says on social media, you bring them on [your platform] and you allow them to address it. You don’t talk about them. You allow … Continue reading

Women are treated as unequals to men and it’s frustrating

By: Abrena Rowe ~Opinions and Editorial Editor~ Occasionally, when I get on my soapbox about the way women are treated in America, someone may ask “Why are you so angry? It’s not that serious.” It is serious if, from a young age, you have been socialized to mold yourself and your behaviors to the expectations … Continue reading

Pro life equals ban of death penalty

By: Alex Hale ~Staff Writer~ This Friday we will celebrate our Catholic heritage by commemorating St. Xavier our patron with his feast. As we do this, we as a campus should remember our Jesuit-Catholic values, including the upholding of all human life. When most people hear this, they immediately think about one of the most … Continue reading

A plea for the human soul

By: Kevin Thomas ~Copy Editor~ Human beings are incredibly complex creatures. The brain is divided into more parts than I care to know, and each part does something different for how we, as human beings, act, react and do just about everything. But I believe that we are something more than just our brain chemistry. … Continue reading

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