Raven-Symoné baffles viewers

Raven-Symoné raises eyebrows in response to questions about her racial and sexual identity. By: Allison Wisyanski ~Staff Writer~ Raven-Symoné, former star of “The Cosby Show” and “That’s So Raven,” appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s premiere titled “Where Are They Now?” on Oct. 5. During the interview, Raven- Symoné sparked controversy through a statement regarding her race and created a new subject for the social media scene to attack. The interview started with a discussion about the tweet that she sent last year stating, “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you.” After reading this tweet, Oprah asked whether … Continue reading Raven-Symoné baffles viewers

High ratings for fall TV premiere week

By: Allison Wisyanski ~Staff Writer~ Despite the plenty of alternative ways to watch television favorites, millions of people tuned in Sept. 22-28 to watch the various show premieres of the first week of fall TV. Networks feel that live viewership can no longer be a measurement of a program’s value, but this week contradicted that theory. According to the WHDH News, CBS, NBC and ABC had more viewers than during the 2013 fall TV week. “Maybe the networks are putting out better shows, or at least they’re putting out a better marketing strategy,” Brad Adgate, a ratings analyst for Horizon … Continue reading High ratings for fall TV premiere week

U2 continues “leaked album” trend

By: Allison Wisyanski ~Staff Writer~ On Sept. 9, Apple unveiled the new Apple Watch, the iPhone 6 and Apple Pay at its media event. At the end, U2 performed, and Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that the album would be available for free to iTunes users. A day or so later, the album showed up on the iPhone’s “Cloud.” U2’s lead singer Bono wrote an online essay entitled “Remember Us?” He wrote that the band wants to get its music to “as many people as possible,” CBS News Online said. He also wrote, “For the people out there who have … Continue reading U2 continues “leaked album” trend