COVID-19 catastrophe kills cinema

Goodbye movie theaters, hello streaming! Our way of life has been upended in ways nobody could have seen coming. Students all across the country have been forced to go online for the remainder of the semester. Social distancing has become the new norm. In fact, some states have opted to make self-quarantine a legal requirement. All this to fight off COVID-19. But it’s the little things in life that will be missed the most. Mainly, trips to the movie theater. It started with James Bond. On March 4, parent company Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) announced that their April 10 release, No Time … Continue reading COVID-19 catastrophe kills cinema

Beastie Boys Book monkeys around

Now here’s a little story I’ve got to tell… about three bad brothers you know so well. A good autobiography can captivate its audience and tell a story on par with some of the greatest novels the world of literature has to offer. A great autobiography can change your perception of its subject, paint a complete picture of whomever you’re reading and give you an investment in them you may not have had before. But the best kind of autobiography is written so well that by the end you feel as if you knew its subject personally. So, allow me … Continue reading Beastie Boys Book monkeys around

Opinion: Batty for one last Batman

The only way a fictional character can truly stand the test of time and remain relevant for generation after generation, they need to be retold and remade as much as possible by various different storytellers. Otherwise, said character will become the relic of the past. Having said that, it’s become increasingly clear that, despite how hard his enemies try, nobody can kill the Batman. What do Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, Will Arnett, even Jimmy Kimmel all have in common? They’ve all played Batman at one point in the span of a single decade. And now, next year, Robert Pattinson will … Continue reading Opinion: Batty for one last Batman