‘Better Call Saul’ scores across the board

By: Grant Vance ~Staff Writer~ After five seasons of methamphetamine- making greatness, the conclusion of AMC’s “Breaking Bad” left a hole in the cable network’s primetime line-up. Since its bitter-sweet conclusion, fans have craved the stylized antics of a developing antihero as frantically as a junkie of Heisenburg’s very own crystal blue. Walter White’s story may be concluded, but the world of “Breaking Bad” still has some juice left to squeeze through the likes of everyone’s favorite comedically maniacal defense attorney, Saul Goodman. Though its relations to “Breaking Bad” are welcome, this is very much Saul Goodman’s show. Bob Odenkirk is a master at playing the character. It’s great to see his eccentric ethos get the spotlight. The Goodman-oriented spinoff, “Better Call … Continue reading ‘Better Call Saul’ scores across the board