I want the Electoral College gone

WRITTEN BY: Bryce Olds, Staff Writer The very aggressive voting ads lately have got me thinking about two things. The first is ‘Instagram I already registered to vote almost three years ago leave me alone,’ and the second is that the American people didn’t decide the last election, the Electoral College did.  Most people know that the Electoral College is responsible for the official decision of the election, since the person who wins the majority of the 538 votes wins the election. Out of all the elections in U.S. history, the electoral college has only gone against the popular vote … Continue reading I want the Electoral College gone

I was not educated about Xavier’s past before I came here

WRITTEN BY BRYCE OLDS, GUEST WRITER I’m a very strong believer in the phrase, “Those who don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it,” and Xavier has a very dark past.  While they have taken action to move forward with the Stained Glass Initiative and renaming Fenwick Hall, I still don’t think it’s enough. If you didn’t know already and this article is serving as a form of education to you, Bishop Fenwick, Xavier’s founding president, was a slaveholder. There is an article about this on Xavier’s online library, but the article says some things that don’t sit right … Continue reading I was not educated about Xavier’s past before I came here