Too big to fail: Why we need a Green New Deal

Currently, the global average atmospheric carbon dioxide measure is just over 400 parts per million, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information. This means that there is more carbon dioxide in our atmosphere now than there has been for millions of years. In fact, the last time there was this much carbon dioxide in … Continue reading Too big to fail: Why we need a Green New Deal

The Midwestern climate change experience

The World Wildlife Fund is a non-governmental organization widely known for advocating wilderness preservation and the reduction of human-caused environmental impact. Its logo? A panda, an animal most commonly found in Asia. The selection of a panda logo subtly implies to audiences that wildlife and environmental destruction are separate and far away from our everyday … Continue reading The Midwestern climate change experience

Bursting the sustainability bubble

Photo courtesy of the National Park Service As an environmentalist, I often find myself trapped in what I like to call a “sustainability bubble.” I study with other sustainability students, I spend time in nature and I surround myself with like-minded people. I spent last semester in Uppsala, Sweden, studying environmental justice. On that trip, … Continue reading Bursting the sustainability bubble