Young indicted over “Gang of Five” texts

Written By: Hunter Ellis, Managing Multimedia Editor Cincinnati City Councilman Wendell Young became the fourth Cincinnati council member to be officially accused of a crime while in office, after being indicted on tampering charges late last week. Thursday morning, Young was indicted by a Grand Jury in Hamilton County on a felony charge of tampering with records. The records Young allegedly tampered with are text messages from a group chat in 2018. This group chat, which included current councilmembers Chris Seelbach, Greg Landsman and Young, as well as former councilmembers P.G. Sittenfeld and Tamaya Dennard, violated Ohio’s Open Meetings Act.  … Continue reading Young indicted over “Gang of Five” texts

Streetcar Saga

One year ago, if you had searched for the most recurring word in Cincinnati political news, the number one result, possibly before “the” or “a,” would be “streetcar.” Perhaps this is an exaggeration, but it can’t be too far off the mark; last year at this time, local politics and the streetcar debate were interchangeable terms. Despite the fact that ground was broken and construction began as far back as 2012, the project nearly met its end after a slate of anti-streetcar candidates were elected last November. However, after much debate and allocation of private funding for construction, City Council … Continue reading Streetcar Saga

City Council has good intentions, bad judgment

Investment in minority-owned business fails to pay off In March 2012, Cincinnati’s city council voted to give $684,000 in grants to help restore space at the Banks (a mixed-use development project on Cincinnati’s riverfront) for a restaurant project called Mahogany’s and to loan an additional $300,000 to the restaurant to buy necessities and begin operations. The stated intention of these actions was to draw an African American-owned business to the city’s rapidly developing Banks project. In August 2013, however, owner Liz Rogers began falling behind on payments to the city, and in March 2014 she began to fall behind on … Continue reading City Council has good intentions, bad judgment