Daft Punk bows out of music industry

Written By: Emma Stevens Daft Punk announced on Feb. 22 that they will be hanging up their helmets, leaving the music industry after 28 years together. This French electronic music duo, made up of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, announced their split via an eight-minute-long video posted to their social media. The split was confirmed by their representative, Kathryn Frazier.   After almost three decades together, the group has amassed a dedicated following and achieved great success in the music industry. In celebration of their fruitful time together, here is a timeline of Daft Punk’s career. Hitting the highlights of … Continue reading Daft Punk bows out of music industry

New ‘Starboy’ spotlights vocal mastery

By: Trever McKenzie ~Staff Writer~ The Weeknd’s Starboy is his latest release, and while there are many similarities to his last album, Beauty Behind the Madness, there are quite a few standout tracks that deviate from his normal style. “Starboy,” the hit title track, is a very simple song that is made addictive by the poppy drumbeat, smooth vocals, pleasing electronic backing vocals from Daft Punk and the calm, relaxing vibe of the overall song. The Weeknd doesn’t do any belting or vocal acrobatics like he does in “In the Night.” He sticks to a simple, repetitive and catchy melody … Continue reading New ‘Starboy’ spotlights vocal mastery