What is the matter with depression?

By: Sara Ringenbach ~Staff Columnist~ The tired narrative of a patient, overcast with mood and no chance for sunshine today. Parked in a polyester chair, waiting for a summoning. Eyes looking ahead, but sight too preoccupied with scenery of the mind. A name is called, it is claimed. Walk through the threshold into a hallway decorated with doors on either side until steered into the correct room. Sit on the couch, the operating table of the psyche. A sterile silence. “So, what brings you in today?” Doctor asks. “I’m not feeling like myself.” Patient speaks using voice within, but sounds … Continue reading What is the matter with depression?

Be the ‘dipshit’ for once A better way to help those who are hurting

By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~ Death, depression and divorce affect not only the person suffering through them, but those around them. This is not said to criticize sufferers but to bring to light the counterpoint: Those around them can help them heal. When we look at people who suffer, their suffering seems to define them. We do not see them as the person they are. We only see their maladies. No longer seeing them as humans, we do not treat them as such either. We do not purposefully do so. We try our best to make them “feel comfortable,” but … Continue reading Be the ‘dipshit’ for once A better way to help those who are hurting