Dodgeball game takes aim at hurtful words

By: Regina Wright ~Staff Writer~ Active Minds, Xavier’s mental health advocacy group, and the LGBTQ Alliance held the “Words Hurt” dodgeball game to bring attention to hurtful words and phrases used every day. On Dec. 5, the event brought 150 people together to play in the game in the O’Connor Sports Center. Active Minds members hoped to raise awareness about the damage that can be caused when people use hurtful phrases without paying attention to the actual meaning of the words or even  without intentionally targeting an individual or a group. “We wanted to do something fun and entertaining to … Continue reading Dodgeball game takes aim at hurtful words

Sports Opinion: XU sports outside the box

By: Kyle Isaacs The reasons college students partake in physical activities on a daily basis vary greatly. While some students seek a physical release from their loaded schedules, others simply look to stay in shape and avoid the dreaded weight gain that often comes with being at college. Regardless of motive, remaining active and participating in sports can prove to be very beneficial for all students, from first-years to seniors. However, one major difficulty is finding a sport that multiple people can enjoy and be relatively good at, notwithstanding skill level or expertise. Alas, this guide to the ‘nonconventional sports’ … Continue reading Sports Opinion: XU sports outside the box