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Hurricane Matthew hits Caribbean Sea, U.S.

By: Regina Wright ~Campus News Editor~ Moving through the Caribbean Sea and eventually toward the East Coast of the U.S., Hurricane Matthew was the biggest hurricane to form in the area since 2007. The hurricane started off on the side of Western Africa and continued to move through the Atlantic toward the Caribbean Sea. The … Continue reading

SGA executive election Winning ticket to be determined in the October 26-27 vote

By: Jessica Griggs ~Editor-in-Chief~ After only one ticket ran and voter turnout disappointed in last year’s Student Government Association (SGA) executive election, four tickets have stepped up to run for office in the election this year. When voting begins on Oct. 26, the student body will have the opportunity to choose the three students who … Continue reading

Clinton, Trump exchange blows in debate

By: Micah Price ~Staff Writer~ Following a difficult week and a half for the image of the Trump campaign, the second of three Presidential debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump was held in St. Louis at Washington University on Oct. 9. Just two days before the second televised meeting with Clinton the Washington Post … Continue reading

Citizens, Celebrities fight pipeline production

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writer~ In light of the recent fight to protect copious amounts of North Dakota land from pipeline developers, Oct. 4 served as a blow to protesters’ morale. Construction resumed for the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota on Oct. 4 The construction resumed on private land near a camp where thousands … Continue reading

Student shares personal immigration testimony

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~ Jose Cabrera, a Dreamer, said that the first time he spoke about his life as an undocumented immigrant he was “tricked.” But last week he shared his story with hundreds at the Enquirer’s One Nation event on Sept. 21. The theme of the event this year was “American Rights,” and … Continue reading

UberEATS arrives in Cincinnati area

By: Kevin Thomas ~Staff Writer~ Last spring, Uber joined the ranks of PostMates, OrderUp and Domino’s Delivery drivers with their new operation, UberEATS, and last week, UberEATS finally arrived in Cincinnati. UberEATS, like the currently more popular and successful PostMates and OrderUp, is an app that can be downloaded on any smartphone. It provides the … Continue reading

Clinton, Trump debate issues, personal qualms

By: Regina Wright ~Campus News Editor~ Declared winner by Fox News and CNN/ORC polls, Hillary Clinton took charge of the first presidential debate with her plans for the economy, healing race relations in America and foreign policy. Starting the night, moderator Lester Holt announced three topic sections to be discussed: Achieving prosperity, America’s direction and … Continue reading

Hunger Dialogues come to Xavier

By: Isabel DeMarco ~Staff Writer~ The second annual Hunger Dialogues will make a stop at Xavier on November 11-12 to discuss hunger and those impacted by it as well as address the role that hunger plays in the greater community. The dialogues aim to increase awareness through large discussions and are held in unison with … Continue reading

Guards join prisoners in labor strike

By: Sam Martini ~Staff Writer~ Several prison guards of an Alabama prison went on strike this weekend, in support of inmates protesting overcrowding and unjust labor practice. On Saturday, the correctional officers did not report to work. The Alabama Department of Corrections and the Assistant Commissioner Grant Culliver were called upon to help serve meals. … Continue reading

Poisonous blob nears Lake Erie water table

By: Azl Saeed ~Staff Writer~ While access to safe drinking water is a leading issue around the globe, it is often taken for granted in developed nations like the United States. However, this sense of security has recently been threatened because of toxic findings in Lake Erie, a water source for approximately 1 million Americans … Continue reading

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