Departments clash over parking

By: Emily Lingenfelter ~Staff Writer~ The Xavier Television Center and the Parking Committee continually lock horns about the limited space around Brockman Circle. The organizations are divided by the Center’s need for an equipment loading dock and the Committee’s desire for general public safety. According to Denita Singel, manager of Support Services, Audit and Risk Management at the Xavier University Police Department (XUPD), the two primary concerns for safety are the heavy pedestrian activity and emergency lane access in the residential area. “I have been here for 25 years, and there have been medical emergency incidences where a seven-foot fire truck … Continue reading Departments clash over parking

Ingber: “I will never forget”

By:  Emily Lingenfelter ~Staff Writer~ Three Xavier-affiliated men — Rabbi Abie Ingber, executive director of interfaith community engagement; Dr. James Buchanan, executive director of the Edward B. Brueggeman Center for Dialogue; and Dr. William Madges, theological professor of St. Joseph’s University — traveled to the Vatican for an audience with Pope Francis I on Sept. 16. The personal encounter came as a result of the multimedia traveling exhibit “A Blessing to One Another: Pope John Paul II and the Jewish People,” which captures the story of the late Pope John Paul II’s relationship with his childhood friend, Jerzy Kluger, and … Continue reading Ingber: “I will never forget”

Celebration of student businesses

By: Emily Linginfelter ~Staff Writer~ The Sedler Family Center for Experiential Learning in Business will provide an engaging evening focusing on Xavier’s experiential learning opportunities and celebrating the launch of five studentrun businesses in the Smith Hall Atrium on April 29. The featured D’Artagnan Enterprises include: Campus Solutions, a storage and movement service for students’ belongings over the summer break; Aramis Consulting, an undergraduate consulting firm for local, start-up businesses; Blue Blob Cleaners, a janitorial service for residential dorms and U. Station; Xavier Urban Farm, a gardening service that sells organically grown heirloom produce; and Faves, a campus eatery aiming … Continue reading Celebration of student businesses