Homeless hungry for humanity

By: Sara Ringenbach ~Staff Writer~ The Pope’s recent decision to dine with the homeless instead of the American political elite has fathered a massive wave of popular support. However, supporting this decision is easy. Theoretical homeless people don’t smack you in the face with the harsh realities of destitution. They aren’t covered with the raw, unsettling smell of suffering that challenges the limits of altruism. We treat theoretical homeless people much better than their real counterparts. My good friend told me about his extent of involvement with the homeless. One afternoon in Cleveland, a homeless woman asked him for spare … Continue reading Homeless hungry for humanity

Pope Francis is just a human being

By: Maxwell Bruns ~Staff Writer~ The United States is a Christian nation founded on Christian values. Since the beginning, our country has been built for Christian people by Christian people, and the American WASPs (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) who choose to believe this lie are happy to welcome Pope Francis into the walls of our government during the week of Sept 21. Never mind the 3 million Muslims currently residing in America, or the 5 million Jewish people or the 78 million non-religiously affiliated Americans. In fact, 183.7 million of those individuals who actually identify as Christian in this country don’t … Continue reading Pope Francis is just a human being