Wall Street investors seek out small business for profit

Column: Will’s Business Corner By: Will Pembroke, Multimedia Show Manager Small businesses are likely not the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Amazon, but think again. As of late, major players on Wall Street, Advent International and JPMorgan Chase & Co. have begun dabbling in the market of small business by pumping billions of dollars into startups, mom and pop shops and other currently unprofitable businesses. With their access to capital and business expertise, investors believe they can find popular products on Amazon and turn them into global brands.  This new wave of high-risk gambling … Continue reading Wall Street investors seek out small business for profit

Power plays and pension funds

There are few things less sexy than pension funding and investment reforms at the municipal level. During the past half-decade, however, there also have been few things less concerning for Cincinnatians. Behind flashier discussions of streetcars and parking meters lies a $2.4 billion pension plan which is less than two-thirds funded. After several radical attempts by those concerned to solve the problem of the $862 million unfunded liability, Mayor Cranley agreed to an extensive period of negotiation which concluded on Dec. 31. While many in Cincinnati rejoice that a plan has been formulated to rectify this lack of funding, City … Continue reading Power plays and pension funds