This is the advice I leave you with

By: James Hogan ~Staff Writer~ I am now four weeks away from being a college graduate. In the last four years, I more or less grew up. I should be thanking the university for the incredible opportunity I have been given or thanking professors who have shaped me into being a thoughtful citizen, but my biggest thanks goes to this community and the people here, faculty and professors included, for helping me become independent and gaining some sense of what it is like to be self-sufficient. But there are so many things I wish I had been told when I … Continue reading This is the advice I leave you with

Care about other’s passions

By: James Hogan ~Guest Writer~ I spent my spring break doing what every college student dreams of all winter long: sitting in a Starbucks, reading scholarly articles and working on my thesis. Since August I have spent a portion of nearly every day working on research in the area of study I think is important and interesting. Three books and who knows how many articles later I have written 35 pages of what I am guessing is incoherent ramblings about the American legal code. In the six months I have been writing, this work has become my passion. It is … Continue reading Care about other’s passions

The importance of listening and understanding

By: James Hogan ~Guest Writer~ The day after the election, I was told by one of my classmates that I should be ashamed for the way I voted. “People like you are why our world is going to get worse” is a real comment that another Xavier student made to me on Tuesday, Nov. 9. This person didn’t even ask me who I voted for: they just assumed that I voted a certain way based on what they know of me. They disregarded the reasons for my beliefs, how I came to think the way I do and why I … Continue reading The importance of listening and understanding