O’Connor offers free classes

By: Jess Larkin ~Copy Editor~ One of the most commonly made and broken New Year’s resolutions is the promise to get fit and stay healthy. O’Connor Sports Center is trying to help students keep that promise by offering free fitness classes. The classes, sponsored by the Recreational Sports Department, are mostly student-run, with only one non-student instructor. The classes, offered at a variety of times and days throughout the week, include yoga, barre, Zumba, boot camp, Pilates, total body sculpting and TRX. Students must sign a waiver, which is good for an entire year, prior to the classes. O’Connor also … Continue reading O’Connor offers free classes

New Center for Innovation opens

By: Jess Larkin ~Copy Editor~ Xavier’s newest program, the Center for Innovation (CFI), gives students the chance to apply their creativity in the real world. Formed to encourage every student’s “spark” of innovation, the CFI develops students’ ability to think creatively and solve real world problems. The CFI will host an open house from 2 to 6 p.m. on Feb. 4 at the center on 1601 Dana Ave. to introduce the program. The CFI, like Ignatius of Loyola, encourages students to “go forth and set the world on fire.” The idea, rooted in Jesuit tradition, holds that every student has … Continue reading New Center for Innovation opens

Putin, the kleptocrat?

Professor discusses life, politics of Russian President By: Jess Larkin ~Copy Editor~ Amidst the conflicts in Russia regarding Ukraine and the seizure of Crimea, President Vladimir Putin maintains the image of a virtuous and nationalist leader that helped Russia escape from corruption and weakness in the 1990s. Karen Dawisha, a Soviet and Russian politics professor from Miami University, portrays a more unfamiliar Putin in her book “Putin’s Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?” Dawisha spoke on Dec. 1 in Cintas Center about her research and the future of the Russian government in relation to its kleptocratic system. Her book uncovers Putin’s intentions … Continue reading Putin, the kleptocrat?