Future nurse navigates COVID-19

Student identifies the old and new amidst a shifting medical landscape written by: josephine pyles, guest writer According to the nursing majors here at Xavier, their studies are teaching them all about new ways to help people, especially in the midst of the pandemic.   With their blue scrubs and crunch for time, it’s hard to miss nursing majors passing from class to class or making the infamous hike to the Cohen Center.  Despite her busy schedule, senior nursing major Jalyn Stackhouse shared her perspective.  “The greatest challenge school-wise would definitely be the classes. They really push you mentally and you … Continue reading Future nurse navigates COVID-19

COVID-19 vaccine due in November

Pharmaceutical companies try to quickly create a vaccine in coming months written By: Josephine Pyles, guest writer The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced last week that it should be ready to launch COVID-19 vaccination campaigns by early November.  Vaccines can often take up to 10 years to develop according to a 2013 study conducted by Esther S. Pronker and others, “Risk in Vaccine Research and Development Quantified.”  However, researchers and pharmaceutical companies aim to bring their potential coronavirus vaccines to market in 12-18 months.  Some hope to get government-issued emergency-use authorizations before the end of 2020.   Scientists … Continue reading COVID-19 vaccine due in November