NHL playoffs heat up

By: Andrew Utz ~Staff Writer~ Now that we are almost done with the first round of the 2016 NHL playoffs, fans can get a good look at who has the momentum to continue on winning throughout the finals. Starting in the East, the Panthers have dropped a game against the Islanders, a wild card team, who snuck in wins away and at home. Two overtime losses have Florida scrambling for an away win to extend the series. Veteran Jaromir Jagr hasn’t made a dent in the series, extending his post-season goal drought to 32 games. If the Islanders want to push … Continue reading NHL playoffs heat up

Xavier upset in Big East Tournament

By: Paul Fritschner ~Staff Writer~ There was a warm feeling within the Musketeer faithful in New York City last week. Not only were the days warm and sunny, but the basketball team was also gunning for their first Big East Tournament championship. Xavier looked to take the trophy back to Cincinnati as the capstone to their best regular-season conference performance since joining the Big East. Entering as the No. 2 seed, and having beaten every team in the Big East at least once, Xavier felt confident about their chances to bring home some hardware before strapping down for the NCAA Tournament. … Continue reading Xavier upset in Big East Tournament

‘The Life of Pablo’ looks at West’s storied career

By: Kyle Daniels ~Guest Writer~ Taylor Swift is raging on the Grammy stage, West is claiming $53 million dollars of debt, and “The Life of Pablo” has been pirated over 500,000 times. Ye- politics aside, “The Life of Pablo” reminds us why this man is liked by so many, and seen as an artistic inspiration to others. The album brings in a number of outside artists; old favorites like Kid Cudi and new artists, Desiinger and fellow Chicago artist, Chance the Rapper. West takes this album in a new direction. It feels like a compendium of the lessons West has … Continue reading ‘The Life of Pablo’ looks at West’s storied career