Realistic Barbie alternative gets her period

By: Max Creager ~Staff Writer~ Barbie dolls have been under scrutiny for a long time for what some critics say is an unrealistic presentation of beauty and anatomy for young girls. In 2014, graphic designer and artist Nickolay Lamm used 19-yearold female Americans’ average proportions from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to create a side-by- side picture comparison between an average woman and Barbie. “For my first project I showed how distorted fashion dolls are in relation to typical human body propositions, and this got me thinking what if fashion dolls were simply made off of standard female body … Continue reading Realistic Barbie alternative gets her period

Human subspecies identified in Africa

By: Max Creager ~Staff Writer~ Deep within the South African cave “Rising Star,” just north of Johannesburg, two recreational cave explorers, Steve Tucker and Rick Hunter, found a collection of preserved and fossilized bones. The two individuals contacted paleoanthropologist Lee Berger from the University of Witwatersrand to inform him of their discovery. The location of the bone finding was through a seven-inch crevice that most researchers are too big to fit through. “To get to it, you have to move through a seven and a half inch slot wiggling your way across sharp rocks before you drop into this remarkable … Continue reading Human subspecies identified in Africa

Hoff changes hamper Labre

By: Max Creager ~Staff Writer~ Last year Hoff Dining Commons, in conversation with previous Student Government Association members and the university, took away the 14 per week meal plan. The reason for the change comes from students who were unable to access the cafeteria at convenient times because the meal plan operated by set time parameters for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Some students who visited the dining commons for an early dinner and desired to go back were unable because of the time constraints for the 14 per week plan. Hoff told the Newswire that students who did not use … Continue reading Hoff changes hamper Labre