Advice: To grad or not to grad?

By: Mike Fisher ~Copy Editor~ You might be asking yourself this question, especially if you’re a senior. Perhaps heading out into the real world isn’t the best idea, at least not yet, and you’d like to remain in the confines of academia. Or you’re in a particular major that requires a master’s degree if you hope to move up the ladder. Regardless of why grad school is on the agenda, you’d like to know if it’s right for you, and what it’s all about. You may have heard horror stories about how much harder grad school is. A ton of … Continue reading Advice: To grad or not to grad?

Advice: Tragedy in not trying

By: Mike Fisher ~Copy Editor~ At times in life, especially in college, we are called to take on a new opportunity that will forever change us. These opportunities appear to us, mostly when we are not expecting it, and we must decide to accept or reject. I like to refer to them as callings. The opportunity could be taking on a leadership role on campus, attending graduate school or studying abroad this coming summer. It could be something small, such as moving off campus next year. Maybe none of these are calling you. Maybe the opportunity is something unique only … Continue reading Advice: Tragedy in not trying