“Reflektor” review

By: Taylor Fulkerson After three years, Arcade Fire has finally released another album. “Reflektor” follows the band’s 2010 release “The Suburbs,” which took the Grammy Award for album of the year, along with other numerous accolades. “Reflektor” follows “The Suburbs” well, and in typical Arcade Fire style. Whereas “The Suburbs” seem to utilize mere cynicism in comparison to the deep, spiritual malaise represented by tracks like “Windowsill” and “My Body is a Cage” on Arcade Fire’s 2007 release “Neon Bible,” “Reflektor” plunges back into the corridors of the mind, beckoning the listener to confront his or her own demons. This … Continue reading “Reflektor” review

New Grouplove album delivers

By: Kyle Grim The indie pop band, Grouplove, recently released its second album, “Spreading Rumours.” The band dominated the radio last summer with the hit single “Tongue Tied,” which received significant airplay. The band’s second album, much like its first, contains an infectious batch of songs. The songs of “Spreading Rumours” are upbeat, poppy and perfect for summertime driving. Sadly, since winter is coming, the true potential of the album will not be realized for a few months. However, that does not mean that the album is bad. “Ways to Go” contains a percussive synthesizer beat, with minimal instrumentation during … Continue reading New Grouplove album delivers