Luna Gale moves audience

By: Griff Bludworth ~Staff Writer~ Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati is remarkable for producing theater focused on, as its website states, “compelling social issues,” while seldom, if ever, crossing the line into preaching or moralizing. As “Luna Gale,” Ensemble’s current production, reminds us, its secret is doing plays that are not about social issues, but rather about vibrant characters who must find ways to live with them. “Luna Gale” is the story of a young, meth-addled couple struggling to reorient their lives to get their baby daughter, Luna, back from her zealously religious grandmother, and of the social worker who tries to … Continue reading Luna Gale moves audience

“Venus in Fur” sizzles with sex and hilarity

By: Patrick Phillips ~Staff Writer~ Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park has begun running David Ives’ 2012 Tony nominee for Best Play, “Venus in Fur.” Composed of a perfect mixture of intelligence and sex appeal, the play has something to offer to everyone in the audience. The play follows the story of Thomas, a playwright looking for the perfect actress to play the lead in his adaptation of a 19th century erotic novel. As Thomas is packing up to leave the audition room, a bum¬bling, quirky actress named Vanda comes through the door. As the play continues, Vanda’s audition slowly becomes … Continue reading “Venus in Fur” sizzles with sex and hilarity

Newswire selects top films of the past year

By: Patrick Phillips ~Staff Writer~ “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” – Action Many anticipated the new release of the sequel to the successful first film installment of “The Hunger Games.” Eyes were set on Jennifer Lawrence, who had just recently won the Oscar for her work in “Silver Linings Playbook.” She once again donned her bow and arrow and wowed audiences in the deeper, darker sequel, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”Smart directing from Francis Lawrence maintained the emotional intensity of the second book by focusing on the internal struggles of Katniss Everdeen. This made it one of the best action … Continue reading Newswire selects top films of the past year