Xavier Singers show features ‘excellent’ duo

By: Katrina Gross ~Staff Writer~ Xavier is home to a large population of artistically gifted students who showcase their talent through various groups, clubs and organizations around campus. One such group is the Xavier Singers, which will hold its end-of-semester show featuring the talent from other Xavier-sponsored clubs and organizations. The group consists of approximately 15-20 students from various majors and class levels who come up with the ideas and then execute a show at the end of every semester. The past shows have included dance, comedy and singing. Since it is a student-run organization, the entire show is completely choreographed … Continue reading Xavier Singers show features ‘excellent’ duo

You wanna run a pickle farm? Redmond’s advice on the nuances of business

By: Redmond Millerick And no, I’m not talking about a nudist colony. Unless, of course, you’re into that type of thing. What I’m talking about is having the drive, creativity and insight to do something bold. Something daring. Something that has played in the back of your mind since that first lemonade stand. Starting your own business. Now, becoming an entrepreneur is a difficult process. It takes time, hard work and the strength to keep pushing. Above all, it takes an idea. That’s the reasoning behind the phrase, “So you want to run a pickle farm?” Your idea doesn’t need … Continue reading You wanna run a pickle farm? Redmond’s advice on the nuances of business

Singers change leadership

By: Tatum Hunter ~Editor-in-Chief~ The campus show choir Xavier Singers is taking the group in a new direction this semester and operating without a non-student director for the first time in years. According to senior director of student affairs Leah Busam Klenowski, representatives from the Office of Student Involvement contacted Singers’ leadership during the summer and suggested that the group reorganize its leadership and forego a fall semester performance. Klenowski said that budget and space issues were threatening the club’s vitality. Since the Department of Music and Theatre was formed in 2012, it has become increasingly difficult for groups outside … Continue reading Singers change leadership