Xavier Singers show features ‘excellent’ duo

By: Katrina Gross ~Staff Writer~

Photo courtesy of facebook.com | Bill Bentley (left) and Redmond Millerick (right) join the rest of Xavier Singers for an adventure of a lifetime to look at some of the best musical talents to ever “grace the ears of listeners.”

Xavier is home to a large population of artistically gifted students who showcase their talent through various groups, clubs and organizations around campus. One such group is the Xavier Singers, which will hold its end-of-semester show featuring the talent from other Xavier-sponsored clubs and organizations.

The group consists of approximately 15-20 students from various majors and class levels who come up with the ideas and then execute a show at the end of every semester.

The past shows have included dance, comedy and singing. Since it is a student-run organization, the entire show is completely choreographed and organized by the students.

This semester’s show is titled “Bill and Red’s Excellent Adventure,” an ode to senior Xavier Singers members Redmond Millerick and Bill Bentley, who have almost always worked as a team since they began performing with the organization.

The show will be backed by the all-student band Mutt. Millerick said he and Bentley have had this idea for a while.

“The idea of ‘Bill and Red’s Excellent Adventure’ came about in sophomore year, and we always knew that’s how we wanted to end (our Xavier Singer careers),” Millerick said.

While the Xavier Singers shows have previously included other students on campus who have an interest in the arts, Millerick expressed his excitement for this show in particular because of how many other Xavier clubs and groups are included.

“This is the most student-heavy show I’ve ever seen at Xavier… getting to include AcaBellas, DTA, Harmon-X and the Irish dance team makes it incredibly inclusive,” Millerick said.

These students and groups have been rehearsing for months leading up to the show to ensure an excellent performance.

The Xavier Singers end-of-semester show is at 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, April 17 in the Cintas banquet hall. Admission for the show is $1.