Listen up I have a story to share

By: Brent Raines ~Sports Editor~ If you’re one of the five regular readers of the Newswire, then you know that the Op-Ed section of the last few issues each year gives seniors the opportunity to hand out life advice or whine about how much they’ll miss Xavier. Well, dear reader, I know that you don’t want to read through all that bullshit, so I won’t make you. How about a story instead? There are many anecdotes from my time here that are worthy to tell. Perhaps the best of which came early my freshman year, back when my former roommate had … Continue reading Listen up I have a story to share

God works in overt ways

By: Jonathan S. Hogue ~Outgoing Opinions & Editorials Editor~ A senior editorial is a tough cookie to crack. While I love hearing myself talk, I know not everyone wants to hear one more senior discuss his or her Xavier experience because most (I hope) thank friends, encourage underclassmen to bend the rules once in a while and include some cliché anecdotes to fill the space. Sadly, while this format is repetitive, it’s an accurate reflection of what Xavier means to me. College has been a long process for me. While I’ll cross the stage victorious on May 14, the diploma did … Continue reading God works in overt ways