Weezer’s newest addition is a seed, not a flower

By Derek Swartzlander, Staff Writer Weezer has been on a roll. Spearheaded by the relentless creativity of frontman and songwriter Rivers Cuomo, the band released the fantastic orchestral album OK Human in January 2021. Just five months later, they released Van Weezer,a mediocre love letter to heavy metal, and participated in 2021’s Hella Mega Tour where they played across America with co-headliners Fall Out Boy and Green Day. Weezer’s prolificity has continued into 2022 with their “SZNZ” project, in which an EP will be released on the first day of every season with each EP representing the mood of each season. SZNZ: Spring is … Continue reading Weezer’s newest addition is a seed, not a flower

Award-winning performance found in a flawed film

Written By: Nina Benich, Staff WRiter This year’s Golden Globes Awards recognized multiple well-deserved movies, and among them was Netflix’s latest original film, I Care A Lot  — a fast-paced comedy-thriller starring Rosamund Pike.  The film’s main character is Marla Grayson, a professional guardian doubling as a con artist who declares elderly clients physically and mentally incompetent, ultimately stealing both their assets and their freedom. Appearing at first as a perfect job, she quickly realizes that she has bitten off more than she can chew. Pike reflects on her Gone Girl days by portraying a psychopathic feminist, and she’s skilled … Continue reading Award-winning performance found in a flawed film

Sia’s newest “Music” falls flat

BY: Emily Croft, Staff Writer Last Friday, Sia disappointed fans with her newest album, Music, consisting of 14 songs from and inspired by her controversial movie of the same title.  If you’re a Sia fan, you may want to skip this album. Wildly different from her typical work and famous Christmas album, Music doesn’t seem to contain a single song that is top-chart worthy. Before she released the album, Sia debuted her song “Hey Boy” last November. The song is about a girl meeting a new boy and wanting to have a one-night stand with him, rather than be single … Continue reading Sia’s newest “Music” falls flat