CDC investigates HIV outbreak

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ A recent outbreak of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in rural Scott County, Indiana has received national attention. More than 130 cases of HIV have been confirmed in southeastern Indiana since December 2014, and many more people are being tested for the virus. The state of Indiana typically reports 500 diagnosed cases a year. On average, five of these cases have come from Scott County. State officials have traced the epicenter of the HIV outbreak to the remote area of Scott, Ind. where a lack of medical supplies and resources has caused drug users in … Continue reading CDC investigates HIV outbreak

European immigration crisis emphasized by shipwreck

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ Europe faces a migrant crisis as people from the Middle East and North Africa attempt to flee their home countries with the hope of escaping the chaos and poverty. The crisis made international headlines on April 18 when a boat carrying more than 900 migrants capsized in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Libya. The boat, described to be no more than 70 feet long, was being sailed by human smugglers who planned to help the migrants cross European borders. As of April 20, only 28 survivors have been found, and at least 24 … Continue reading European immigration crisis emphasized by shipwreck

Officer charged in Scott shooting

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ A South Carolina police officer is being held in a North Charleston jail without bond and is being charged with the murder of Walter Scott. Michael Slager, a 33-year-old white police officer, was arrested on April 7 after investigators from the state of South Carolina said that Slager’s accounts of the shooting were inconsistent. He is accused of firing eight shots into the back of 50-year-old Scott, an unarmed black man who was allegedly fleeing from Slager. Slager then arrested Scott as he lay dying on the ground. Slager originally said that he had shot … Continue reading Officer charged in Scott shooting