Protests break out in Hong Kong

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ Pro-democracy protestors gathered in the streets of Hong Kong in response to what they claim to be a threat to the democratic process by the Chinese government. Many of the protestors are students who claim that China is refusing to allow genuine democratic reform in Hong Kong. They accuse the government of solely allowing candidates who were investigated by Beijing to run in Hong Kong’s city elections for chief executive. The elections were scheduled for 2017 and were going to be the city’s first democratic election. Instead, the candidates will be chosen by a panel. … Continue reading Protests break out in Hong Kong

Obama addresses ISIS threat

By: Ricard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ In a nationally televised speech from the White House, President Barack Obama addressed the rising tension with the terrorist organization known as ISIS in Syria and Iraq in an attempt to update the public on the current situation. On Sept. 10, Obama outlined the planned increase in U.S. military aid. The role of the U.S. military is part of an international support effort for the Iraqi forces. As a part of this aid, 475 American military advisers will be sent to Iraq, increasing the total involvement to about 1,700 persons. President Obama assured the listeners … Continue reading Obama addresses ISIS threat