Mosque attacked during a service

Photo courtesy of Mohamed Soliman | Two dozen attackers dressed in military clothing entered an Egyptian mosque, throwing grenades and firing rounds into a crowd of around 500 people. There have been at least 305 confirmed dead and 120 injured as a result of the attack, which is the deadliest in Egypt’s modern history. The Imam … Continue reading Mosque attacked during a service

Drug epidemic hits close to home

Newswire photo by Savin Mattozzi | Clayton Houdeshell (above), a second-year Private Interest and Public Good master’s student, grew up in one of the many small towns ravaged by the opioid epidemic. He spoke with Copy Editor Savin Mattozzi about what it was like growing up in Tiffin, Ohio, surrounded by the crisis of addiction … Continue reading Drug epidemic hits close to home

How long must we wait for change?

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone | Copy Editor Savin Matozzi makes a statement about the numerous mass shootings that have been occurring with increasing frequency throughout 2017. My phone buzzes in my pocket. I take it out and see the AP notification: Reports of shots fired at church, club, school, office building, park, university, protest, … Continue reading How long must we wait for change?