Stimulus check update: What are we really getting?

Column: Will’s Business Corner Written By: Will Pembroke, Multimedia Show Manager Within the past year, much debate has surrounded the role of state and federal governments in supplying economic aid to those in need who are suffering as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of today, there have been two economic stimulus packages passed, providing $1,200 and $600 individual stimulus checks, respectively.  Each of the two packages passed so far have also approved billions of dollars in funding to small businesses, primarily by way of Payment Protection Program (PPP) loans. These PPP loans are designed to help businesses keep … Continue reading Stimulus check update: What are we really getting?

Obama signs off on budget deal

By: Regina Wright ~Staff writer~ A two-year budget agreement was approved in a 266-167 vote by the House of Representatives on Oct. 28 and a 64-35 vote by the Senate on Oct. 30. The budget extends the nation’s debt ceiling until March 2017. The deal increases domestic spending on social services and defense programs for the next two years. Congress intends to pay for these measures by reforming aspects of entitlement spending and selling public airwaves and oil from public petroleum reserves. When revealed earlier last week, many rural lawmakers complained about cuts to the crop insurance program. House leaders … Continue reading Obama signs off on budget deal

News in Brief

By: Meredith Francis ~Campus News Editor~ Five killed in Jerusalem attacks Two Palestinians attacked a synagogue in Jersusalem on Nov. 18. The attackers used knives and axes to kill four rabbis that were praying in the synagogue and to injure six others. Another woman died of injuries later that day. Three of the rabbis had dual citizenship with the United States and the other with Britain. These killings come as tensions have risen in Jerusalem following conflicts between Palestinians and Israelis in recent months. Ferguson braces for potential unrest Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon declared a state of emergency ahead of … Continue reading News in Brief