What Timehop doesn’t tell you

My Timehop tells me that April 1, 2011, was the day that I announced to all 350 of my Facebook friends that I would be attending Xavier University that fall. Four years later, I stand at the brink of leaving the place that has not only become my home, but has been my support system and, despite frustrations for so many reasons, has become my own sanctuary. Before I came to Xavier, I had it all figured out. I swore I knew who I was and what I wanted to do with my life and had a foolproof plan of … Continue reading What Timehop doesn’t tell you

More than a theology major

I like to conclude each year by reflecting on its surprises: I like remembering the plans I had in my past and their inevitable interruption by my future. But as I begin to write this senior column, I realize that these surprises really have been the theme of the past four years. The personal outcomes of each year were always impossible to predict at their start, but each result — joyful or painful — proved rewarding and transformative in some form. I would like to use this space to honor the unexpected throughout my Xavier career and share the insights … Continue reading More than a theology major