We ARE Change endorsed with enthusiasm

By Newswire’s Editorial Board There are three executive tickets running for election in the 2021 Student Government Association (SGA) Election.  We ARE Change includes presidential nominee Annalese Cahill and Vice Presidential nominees Evan Nash and Ryan Dhaliwal. Voice for Xavier includes presidential nominee Murphy Penwell and Vice Presidential nominees David Reeves and Adam Stuckey. AID XU includes presidential nominee Derrick Meyer and Vice Presidential nominees Ethan Brosnan and Diego Pulido. Based on the evaluation by our Editorial Board, Newswire has decided to endorse We ARE Change. We have full confidence that Cahill, Nash and Dhaliwal all have the necessary vision and … Continue reading We ARE Change endorsed with enthusiasm

AFJ elected to SGA Execs

By: Andrew Koch ~Editor-in-Chief~ After another two-week campaigning season of thumping speakers on the Yard and brightly-colored T-shirts, students have elected a new trio of Student Government Association (SGA) executive officers. Sophomore Andrew Redd and juniors Fare Olagbaju and Josh DeVincenzo will be sworn in as the SGA President, Legislative Vice President and Administrative Vice President, respectively. The winning ticket, known in the campaign as AFJ, campaigned on improving diversity representation on campus and creating a more welcoming campus environment for students who currently don’t feel included. “Our driving force was our supporters. We couldn’t have done it without them,” … Continue reading AFJ elected to SGA Execs

Recent crime prompts safety communication efforts

By: Meredith Francis In light of recent, more serious crime reports on and around Xavier’s campus, the Student Government Association (SGA) Executives and Xavier Police are encouraging students to get informed about the campus safety protocol. SGA Executives are currently planning an initiative to promote safety communication techniques. Within one week, there were separate reports of a major theft from Fenwick Place and an armed robbery at Idlewild and Dana Avenues. According to SGA President Drew Dziedzic, the safety communication initiative is part of an ongoing process to properly inform students of the different “incident levels” and the corresponding ways … Continue reading Recent crime prompts safety communication efforts