Was I just bullied?: The dangers of anonymity on Yik Yak

Last week, Max Bruns wrote an editorial about Yik Yak, the social media app that lets people within a five-mile radius write posts anonymously. I had never heard of the app until the editorial ran, and I had no interest in downloading it or reading what people wrote – until last Friday. Last Friday, Don’t Tell Anna (DTA), an improv group I’m a part of at Xavier, had its first show of the year. It was a good show, and I was proud to be a part of it. Afterwards, DTA was hanging out when someone pulled up Yik Yak … Continue reading Was I just bullied?: The dangers of anonymity on Yik Yak

Yik Yak: forum for fun or platform for pettiness?

New social media app cloaks mean-spirited comments in anonymity Despite what a lot of the old folks are saying, I think our generation is pretty awesome. Humor is a really effective method of bridging social gaps, and as a generation, we have perfected the art of cynical, sarcastic humor. It takes the edge off many serious things when we can laugh about them. And the new app Yik Yak has the potential to help us do that. Despite being anonymous, a lot of people on the app manage to make great, timely jokes that do not target any one individual … Continue reading Yik Yak: forum for fun or platform for pettiness?

Students “shut down” social media

By: Maddie Day ~Staff Writer~ The Student Government Association (SGA) celebrated Student Commitment Week by bringing the campus together with various events. The week centered around the signing of a banner which featured a new pledge which outlined what it means to be a Xavier Musketeer. “Students here are committed to (living) lives of integrity, justice and generosity and really standing by the mission of Xavier, standing by the things that make us unique individuals for and with others,” SGA Co-Vice President Thomas Edney said. “The language came from looking at different prayers, different things that we wanted to appropriate … Continue reading Students “shut down” social media