The politics and understanding of unity Why does society cling to the myth of unity?

By: Taylor Zachary ~Columnist~ “All for One and One for All.” The slogan is the hallmark of Xavier University’s identity. It decorates the homepage of our website. It is the celebratory battle cry at the climax of graduation. The words even drape from the roof of Fenwick Hall – our most central value hung from our most central building. These words most certainly have power. I do not wish to deny that. However, words can also be misleading. When I read the slogan, I cannot divorce it from the idea of “unity” or being “united.” On the spectrum of words … Continue reading The politics and understanding of unity Why does society cling to the myth of unity?

An ode to the African Student Association

By: Taylor Zachary ~Columnist~ Following the now infamous “Blackface incident,” many students, staff and faculty continue to question the validity of our university’s core principles. Students, especially, question the worth of words such as “diversity,” “inclusion” and “community.” It appears we expect these words to self-actualize themselves, living out diversity, inclusion and community in rhetoric rather than intentional and principled practice. Despite the flawed example of its campus, the African Student Association (ASA) operates per the intentional and principled practice of diversity, inclusion and community. As our campus recovers from a treacherous two weeks and seeks to finally define our … Continue reading An ode to the African Student Association

‘Jitney’ captures the Black experience

By: Taylor Zachary ~Staff Writer~ Five Black men held back tears, centering themselves around a question all too familiar to the Black-American experience: what now? A product of the literary genius of August Wilson, Jitney is a story that follows five African- American adult males as they struggle to maintain a jitney car service station. The play is set in 1977 Pittsburgh in a Black neighborhood plagued by the consequences of displacement, incarceration and gentrification. Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park re-introduced Jitney to our culturally robust community on Oct. 15 and honors the work of director Thomas Douglas. The show … Continue reading ‘Jitney’ captures the Black experience