A reflection on safety when writing while Black

By: Taylor Zachary ~Staff Writer~ A few months ago, I needed a job. The money I made over the summer, which supported my living expenses last semester, had waned. Food seemed to disappear from my pantry and never return. I paid more attention to which clubs and programs hosted events with sustainable food. I was drawn to the “B-Dubs” and “Chipotle” variety, targeting larger clubs that had not yet exhausted their semester food budget. But, often, finger foods would satisfy me enough to carry on. Additionally, rent was fast approaching, and University Station is particularly unforgiving with the expediency to … Continue reading A reflection on safety when writing while Black

Ethics and implications of purchasing patriotism

By: Taylor Zachary ~Staff Writer~ The Department of Defense (DOD) paid $6.8 million in taxpayer money and Defense funds to professional sports teams to “fund patriotism,” according to a 2016 Senate report. When Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake began looking into Defense spending on military tributes, they found that the New Jersey Army National Guard paid the New York Jets $377,000 over four years. In any given season, the Jets received an average of $115,000 to simply recognize soldiers during time-outs and half-time performances. The report also indicated that, from 2011 to 2014, the Atlanta Falcons collected just … Continue reading Ethics and implications of purchasing patriotism

Reject schooling and embrace education

By: Taylor Zachary ~Staff Writer~ I had no reason not to ask a question, so I asked a question. The subject of the question is not important. The fact that the subject of the question does not return to me as I’m writing assures me of its irrelevance. I had raised my hand many times before, as any middle school child might, each time having no legitimate reason to keep my arm dormant across my desk. Curiosity is one hell of a drug; only euphoria lies in the space between the world and my question. As my teacher finished her … Continue reading Reject schooling and embrace education