Photo-op: what should Fenwick Hall renamed?

Wrtten by: EMILIE KRACIK, staff writer
Andrew Geraghty
PPP and Economics double major

I think Fenwick should be named Antonio Johnson Hall. The CDI has an Antonio Johnson Gala each year. It would be redemptive to have Bishop Fenwickk, a man who owned slaves, to be replaced by an excellent black Xavier student and would point Xavier in the correct direction in combating systemic racism.

Liz Greenop
Psychology and Theology double major

If I could rename Fenwick I would name it after Father B. He is a saint and such a positive influence to the Xavier community, it would be great having the building named after someone Xavier loves so much.

Tyler Gilkey
Psychology major

I think Fenwick should be named after a person of color. If the whole point of this is to try and right the wrong doings of people in history, we must go farther than just “erasing” the wrongs and actively take a stance against racism and wrongdoing by supporting and giving voices to people of color. That is what the Jesuit tradition is all about.

Justin Montgomery
Management major

“I would rename Fenwick ‘Kobe Bryant Hall.’ It would be a great way to pay tribute to him. He did a lot of community building throughout his lifetime and was a great role model on and off the court.”

Sam Mossing
Theology and English double major

I would rename Fenwick “Archbishop Oscar Romero Place” because he was a social justice giant who spoke out about the injustices carried out by the Salvadoran government despite the danger that taking his position came with. Romero completely embodies our Jesuit tradition.