xHamster helps with sex education

By: Kevin Thomas ~Staff Writer~ Due to a lack of proper sex education and a recent bill rejection in Utah, a porn site, xHamster has stepped up to the plate to fill the role. The website is now redirecting all web traffic coming to its site from the state of Utah to an alternate site which features sex education videos. First-year Trey Espinosa may not be entirely supportive of the porn site, but he believes that it is doing something essential. “They are doing what they think is necessary to help [educate people about sex],” Espinosa said. People from Utah … Continue reading xHamster helps with sex education

Sundance Film Festival comes to Utah

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~ The Sundance Film Festival has premiered many notable independent films, such as “Reservoir Dogs,” “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Memento.” Initially created to draw filmmakers to Utah, Sundance has become a staple for up-andcoming independent filmmakers to get a chance to showcase their work. The festival will return for its 38th year Jan. 21-31, with many exciting entries on the slate. Sundance is an exciting experience for all lucky enough to spend the week in Park City, Utah, watching fresh, original works. With a variety of categories, attendees are treated to shorts, documentaries and midnight showings. … Continue reading Sundance Film Festival comes to Utah